New game guaranteed to give you Goosebumps

Media cross overs can be fun, though not always successful. We get excited about videogame based movies and once in a while games based on movies. Well, a new cross over is coming this October when the popular book series Goosebumps creeps onto the PlayStation 2, Wii and DS. Fans of the original series, which had 62 books total, will be pleased to find that this game will be based on the brand new 12 book series by R.L. Stine — Goosebumps HorrorLand.

The new series and game take place in a fright-themed amusement park. The fun starts when characters realize the park is really haunted and they have to battle Certain Death along with vampires and more. Fans of the series can expect trademark humor, suspense and the usual twists and turns as the game progresses. This new series also starts by bringing back the classic evil ventriloquist dummy, so be ready for more cameos. Monster Blood anyone?

“What better way to deliver the thrills and chills of a Goosebumps experience than with a game that puts the player in the heart of HorrorLand?,” said Deborah Forte from publisher Scholastic.

Goosebumps HorrorLand will be the first game published under Scholastic’s new label Elastic. Elastic’s games are straying away from the edutainment that Scholastic is known for and will be striving for simply fun games bringing more original and third-party properties like Anamorphs and The Seventh Tower to multiple platforms.