The Humans are coming! The Humans are coming!

Hey everybody! The Humans are coming! Yes we know humans never left, but the early 90’s puzzle game The Humans hasn’t been seen for a while. Deep Silver, the game’s label of Koch Media, and Blue Monkey Software just announced a brand new adventure for our laughable ancestors on PC and the DS.

The Humans is a puzzle game where players must complete missions per stage while guiding the characters past obstacles and dangerous enemies like sabre-toothed tigers and the ultimate predator — the T-Rex. Yes, the original The Humans was considered a rip-off of Lemmings, which had come out a year before. However, instead of controlling all of the characters at once like in Lemmings, players guide them one at a time. This allows for a little less frantic gameplay, though there is a time limit to contend with.

Like the real deal, the humans in the game are smart and will discover some of the most important inventions in history such as fire, the wheel and even weapons. These new skills and items will be gained throughout the course of the game, creating tools for the challenging work ahead. Players will need all the tools and skills they can get as they traverse 8 worlds with a total of 80 different puzzles.

Puzzle lovers need to keep their minds sharp and senses of humor intact because the prehistoric puzzles and hilarity are set to ensue Q4 2008.