No gaming for British convicts

Prisoners in the UK are to be banned from playing violent videogames rated 18 (the highest level of classification in the country), The Telegraph is reporting. Only those inmates who have earned the highest “privileges” will be allowed access to videogames, all be it by drip feed, and even then they will be highly regulated and filtered as to not stir their subversive nature.

The Prison Service’s director of operations, Michael Spurr commented, “These changes will ensure that prisoners may only earn access to games consoles by a positive demonstration of good behaviour and commitment to the requirements of their sentence plan.” New plans for offenders also include the declaration that no more taxpayer’s money will be used to buy games consoles for use inside prisons. Originally it was thought that consoles would ease the harsh realities of prison life on young offenders. Just last year the UK government admitted to spending £10,000 (around $20,000) on PlayStation and Xbox systems for young offenders. Poor little blighters, at least give them Wii Sports!