A game for every day of the year

What are you doing today? How about tomorrow? What about the day after that? I’ll tell you what you should be doing, playing free online games! GamesRadar have compiled a compendium of 365 free-to-play online games for gamers to download and enjoy. That’s one for ever day of the year! Along with the title and a quick capsule summary of each game, they’ve also done us the justice of organizing the list into helpful and colorful categories, including ‘Bang Bang’, ‘RPFree’, ‘Urban Nightmares’ and many more.

Admittedly, there is no quality assurance on these games and whilst most of them are little gems waiting to be played, there is also the chance that a couple of bad eggs may have slipped through the net. However, if you do come across a dud you can simply move along to the next without too much worry.