Hirai: PS3 exclusives and content ‘the best out there’

Keeping track of what any of the big three’s company executives will say in regards to why they believe consumers should choose their product over the others can be a daunting task. And when you throw in the extra helpings of spin that you have to pick through to get a glimmer of truth on most matters, it can start to get a bit overwhelming. But time and time again the execs are giving their competition ‘bulletin board’ material, and here we go again as Sony strikes out and let’s us all know again why the PS3 is the creme of the current-gen crop.

While talking to MCV UK, Sony Global PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai said that the PS3 enjoys better exclusive content over its competitors because of its “unrivalled” first-party product and Blu-ray capabilities. When asked about Microsoft and the way they manage to secure the rights to exclusive downloadable content for titles such as GTA IV and Fallout 3, as recently announced, Hirai stated: “On the exclusivity front – whether it’s downloadable or not – one of the unrivalled strengths we have, and we’ve proven this time and time again, is the power of our internal worldwide studios. Our first-party product is obviously platform exclusive and is the best out there.”

Hirai also mentioned the Blu-ray advantage, “Secondly, if we talk about Blu-ray, there’s a lot of capacity there. Our discussion with a lot of the publishers is about how the PS3 version of a game has the capacity to exclusive things consumers will be interested in – interviews with the makers of the game, documentary on the franchise or ‘making of…’ footage.”