Star Trek Online site goes live, screenshots galore

Star Trek

After Cryptic unintentionally let slip that Star Trek Online was in development via a job advertisement posted on their website, they have now come out and officially kicked the hype machine for the game into full gear by launching an official website for the upcoming MMO, much to the delight of Trekkies everywhere.

The game promises to recreate the entire Star Trek universe and puts players in the shoes of either a Starfleet captain or a Klingon warrior in command of their own ship as they boldly go where no… uhh… gamer has gone before!

Obligatory puns aside, there is a little nugget of information included on the website that is definitely worth getting excited about. Namely that the game will be making an appearance on consoles, although no systems have been specified as of yet. Regardless of which platforms the game does appear on, and along with the announcement of DC Universe Online, it certainly seems like developers are seeing the home console as a serious platform for MMO gaming.