Oh colored Wii, where art thou?

Warning! If you’re one of the many who had began to pick out a Wii to match your gaming room with the intricate wallpaper when the system was first announced and shown in various colors, then the following quote from a recent interview Nintendo of America’s EVP of sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway did with IGN will not light up your day: “[We] certainly don’t have any announcements to make about different colors. We continue to sell out of Wii pretty much as fast as we put it on the shelf. We’ve increased capacity 30 percent so it’s nice to be able to get more units to more people. We’re shipping 2.4 million monthly worldwide and it varies a bit from country to country, but when you’ve got something that’s still selling out about as fast as we can put it into the market, we’re not thinking about further colors at this point.”

Told ya.