Faking the Band – Harrison and heavy metal? [July 29]

Faking the Band is a weekly feature detailing the latest in downloadable content for Rock Band.

Remember June’s delightfully odd and disorienting pairing of Jimmy Buffett and Disturbed? Well, today’s DLC for Rock Band isn’t nearly as blunt with its gobsmacking. In fact, it’s a subtle kind of strange.

For the most part, the tracks have a metal motif and seem to satisfy a wide swath of headbangers. Experimental types will have a friend in “They Say,” a song from Scars On Broadway, a group formed from the remnants of the temporarily-disbanded System of a Down. More mainstream listeners can enjoy Staind’s “This Is It” from their upcoming album The Illusion of Progress. Finally, thrashers who don’t mind a little history lesson will love “Electric Crown” from the influential legend that is Testament.

Now here’s the curveball. The last track is from thenewno2, an alt-rock outfit fronted by Dhani Harrison. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. He is George Harrison’s son, after all. You’d think a pedigree like that would inspire some Beatles-esque work, but you’d be wrong. “Yomp” is the new alternative rock to a tee, a heady mix of electro and blues. Maybe the metalheads can take that kind of detour, especially since the track’s discounted.