Wallace and Gromit heading to WiiWare and PC

Telltale is showing yet another reason that the Wii is the place to be for episodic humor with Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures. Wallace and Gromit will be joining the Telltale’s already impressive WiiWare/PC line-up with the award-winning Sam and Max series and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.

Players will assume the roles of both Wallace and Gromit as they explore the familiar world created by Aardman in each episode as they assemble intricate and potentially dangerously backfiring contraptions, and get the duo out of the usual messes they end up in.

Telltale’s CEO and co-founder Dan Connors: “Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures extends our vision for delivering new kinds of entertainment to everyone who enjoys a good story.” Keeping with that, Telltale’s blog tells us each episode will be written in conjunction with Aardman. Visually, they will be doing their best to keep the stop-motion/clay look with their 3D engine and the gameplay will be much like previous Sam and Max titles.

Grand Adventures isn’t the only title for the stop-motion creation though. Later this year they will be returning to TV with an original short titled “A Matter of Loaf and Death.” DVD compilations and best ofs are also set to release soon. Release dates for PC or WiiWare episodes and more details will also be along shortly (we hope).