Dreamcast still alive and kicking

Many consoles tend to be forgotten once they’re not current-gen anymore. Gamers and developers jump onto the next generation of consoles, all to feed the need of the new possibilities that come with new technology. What’s nice to know is that there are some dedicated individuals that don’t leave the oldies behind.

A lot of people believe that SEGA’s Dreamcast never got the attention it deserved, and it was definitely ahead of its time considering graphics and online possibilities. But when the Xbox and the PS2 arrived, they took over, leaving the Dreamcast behind. Since then, SEGA has stopped production of the Dreamcast but some independent developers are still making games for the system. The newest addition is a game called DUX (some gameplay footage above), which is developed by members of the team responsible for last year’s Last Hope.

When asked why they still create games to the Dreamcast, René Hellwig at HUCAST.net said, “Fun. Different games can satisfy different needs and with the current so called next gen a lot of genres were displaced to a niche market.” She continued by saying, “The Dreamcast is a very nice console as well- has enough power to handle 2D gameplay needs and has one of the friendliest user base I know of. Additionally, it’s not very complicated to program the Dreamcast.”

Hellwig also stated that complaints received regarding their previous game Last Hope had been taken care of this time, ie too high difficulty settings and problems with foreground/background distinguishing is not a problem with DUX.

So, another shoot ’em up game for Dreamcast is on its way, and it seems as the console will have been up and running for 10 years this September. Not bad! DUX will be released on August 28. And while you’re at it, head over to our Community Discussions and tell us what Dreamcast game is your favorite.