Tekken 6 PS3 exclusivity not solid

The Tekken franchise has been one of Namco Bandai’s bread and butter series since its arcade perfect debut on the PlayStation way back when in 1995. Every iteration of the game series has seen a similar release pattern — arcade game and then a port directly to a Sony system with the exception of Tekken Advance for the Gameboy Advance back in 2001. Well, it looks like Namco Bandai may be jumping on the multi-platform express, a trend that we’ve seen companies such as Capcom, Square Enix, and 2K Games follow.

GameEX Magazine sat down with Tekken game designer Haruki Suzaki who, when asked if Tekken 6 was going to be a PS3 exclusive as it had been listed in the past, had this to say: “No, it hasn’t been determined yet as of the moment.”

Tekken 6 is scheduled for release in December 2008 for the PS3 for now.