Tiberium pushed back into 2009

While first-person shooters are a dime a dozen these days, much hype has centered on the RTS-turned-FPS Tiberium, which is based on the Command & Conquer franchise. So it comes without saying that when EA executives let it be known at last night’s Q1 conference call that the game would be slipping into EA’s fiscal 2010, people were pretty disappointed. Basically, this means Tiberium will hit store shelves sometime after March 31, 2009 which is the beginning of EA’s fiscal year 2010.

While this will give the game more time in the cooker, the early gameplay video released in January (which can also be viewed below) while a little heavy on the grey scale, looked very promising. Hopefully EA will be able to capitalize on the time and make a really polished and compelling game, deserving to be counted among other Command & Conquer games.