Valve to “certainly consider” bringing older games to LIVE Arcade

Valve’s marketing director Doug Lombardi has told OXM that the company re-releasing some of their older titles on Xbox LIVE Arcade is something they will “certainly consider,” adding that releasing Portal: Still Alive is their “first step at doing that beyond the PC.”

Everyone knows how Valve feels about the PS3, so holding one’s breath until the games start showing up on PSN, or WiiWare for that matter, might prove to be fatal. Lombardi reiterated this ‘policy’, saying that this consideration is limited to the Xbox 360 solely: “Right now, Valve’s doing PC and 360 stuff, so anything we would iterate on would be on Xbox. We don’t have any immediate plans to do this on PS3 or Nintendo.”

Valve will be losing their LIVE Arcade virginity later this year when the recently announced Portal: Still Alive becomes available.