How to actually show off MotionPlus

MotionPlus is a pretty big deal as far as advancements in technology for gaming go, and yet, it was hard to get excited about it from Nintendo’s E3 press conference, where it was first showed off. Maybe it was the fact that the talking heads on stage didn’t explain it well enough or that the fencing game didn’t show it off all too well. Maybe it’s because of the general feeling of disappointment around the entire thing. Whatever the reason, MotionPlus didn’t excite as many people as it should have.

Enter AiLive and their demo video for what MotionPlus can actually do. AiLive is the development company who worked with Nintendo to develop motion tracking, and in this video they demonstrate how truly awesome MotionPlus can be. The sad thing is they do a much better job than the Nintendo press conference did and all they have to work with are simple polygons. The man with the accent (la-sue?) demonstrates all the basics of how precise this techonology really is. Most exciting to me is the fact that it can so easily recongnize different sword motions and keep them 1-to-1. I may actually be looking forward to Red Steel 2 now since that game’s developers say they’re working with MotionPlus.