Jet Grind Radio sequel could be arriving on Wii

Jet Grind Radio was one of the first games to hit the market and implement the cel-shaded style that has since defined the series and become a popular style choice for developers to use in their respective games.

SEGA seem to be looking to expand on some of their other franchises that don’t involve Sonic or well established licensed Nintendo characters, and is reportedly looking to bring Jet Grind Radio back from out of its static slumber for the Wii. The news comes from Kotaku which stems from rumblings that first gathered steam at the San Diego Comic-Con. Delving deeper into the unfounded rumblings, a trademark recently filed by SEGA on July 24, 2008 has been unearthed, which has led to plausible reason for many to think a new game is coming, due to it being a different trademark than the one filed for Dreamcast many moons ago.

The wording in the trademark filing also has a very “next-gen” feel to it with there being trademarks for not just “video game software” but also stuff like “downloadable game programs”.

Given the history of SEGA and their infamous “leaks” it may be okay to take this one with a little less sodium than other rumors.