SimCity Creator Wii trailer – Create, enjoy, destroy!

There have been some poor examples of integrating the Wii remote in games on the Wii console, but EA Games’ SimCity Creator seem to make use of it in a smart and functional way. The classical SimCity series have been easiest to play on a PC, obviously because a mouse and keyboard is more accurate and takes your pointer where you want faster than a regular remote does. This is not the case with the Wii version, as the player simply points the Wii remote where he or she wants to interact on the screen. Effortless and effective.

SimCity Creator goes by the motto “Create, enjoy, destroy”. No surprise here, just as in the previous games players can build their city, then just as easily (in fact more easily) bring destruction upon it, using UFO’s, gigantic laser-shooting robots, dinosaurs, earthquakes, meteorites etc. Using the Wii remote, the player controls these hazards, choosing how and where to release their mayhem. The Wii remote is also used to fly airplanes or helicopters above the city so that the player easily can get a sightseeing tour in 3D. When the player is fully satisfied with the city, it can be shared with others on WiiConnect24.

Although the use of the Wii remote looks interesting, the overall quality of the game is not as easy to determine. The graphics look rather dull, and it almost seem like a mixture of SimCity 2000 and Sim City 3. It doesn’t look like the game has that little extra that will make it stand out. Fans of the Wii game MySims can be happy to know that the game’s advisors have been redesigned to resemble the MySims characters.

SimCity Creator is bound for release on PC, Wii and Nintendo DS in September 2008.