Too Human goes gold

Too Human has had more roadblocks to its development than quite possibly any game…ever. From the lawsuit against Epic concerning the supposed inferior quality of the Unreal Engine 3 licensed to Silicon Knights, to bad hands-on previews, and the man himself Denis Dyack attacking “haters” on the NEOgaf forums, things have just not gone as one would hope. But I believe much of this turned around two weeks ago when gamers finally got their hands on the demo. While I’m sure not all of the 900,000+ people who have downloaded the game and made it the 8th most played game on Xbox LIVE loved it, many have put their support behind the game, even going as far as to say they are addicted to Too Human.

Now the end of this long and arduous journey is finally here as Microsoft and Silicon Knights have announced that Too Human has gone gold, and will be shipping to stores all across North America August 19 and throughout Europe on August 29, marking an historic day in the history of Too Human as development after ten years has finally come to an end. My own hope is that the game will be well received by reviewers and gamers alike so Silicon Knights can get to work on the second game of this planned trilogy.