Zeno Clash close to reaching Alpha status, new screens

Zeno Clash, the awesomely crazy looking game from developer ACE Team that we love so much here at TVGB (or maybe it’s just me) is close to reaching Alpha status, game designer Andres Bordeu has just let us know. The game apparently still has some rough edges that need to be polished up a bit, and current efforts are focused on doing just that along with adding more depth to the game’s combat mechanics, but judging by the new screenshots that were released today, the game is shaping up rather nicely as it is.

Bordeu also saw fit to tease us with the knowledge that they have two boss battles working, one involving shooting parachuting “things,” while the other is all about “fighting against heavy characters using bashing weapons.” There’s also promise of a new trailer, one that will display some of the new features they’re currently working on, but we won’t be seeing that until the game receives some more polish. Until then, there’s always the first one we can look at over and over again.