Blizzard rejects petition, keeps Diablo III colorful

Remember that silly petition concerning Diablo III? The one where gamers complained that the game was too bright and taking after World of Warcraft instead of the previous entries in the series? Even though the petition got over 50,000 signatures from disgruntled Diablo fans, luckily for us, Blizzard is putting its foot down. “We really like this art style, and we’re not changing it,” says Jay Wilson, lead designer of Diablo III during an interview with MTV Multiplayer.

Blizzard isn’t just being stubborn though, as there were gameplay reasons behind the final color scheme. “When you have 30 creatures on screen — and four or five different types — target prioritization is a factor. You need to be able to tell those things apart fast, and you can’t do that when your world is gray and your creatures are gray,” Wilson explains.

To be honest, we’re thrilled that Blizzard is sticking to their guns on this one. One of the most unfortunate things about the current generation of games is the sheer amount of brown and gray shades. Bravo to Blizzard for brightening things up a bit.