Concept art for Jet Grind Radio

Yesterday a rumor surfaced about a possible Jet Grind Radio sequel for the Wii. There’s now been somewhat of a development in the story — Kotaku was tipped off to some Jet Grind Radio concept art that artist Cory “Rey” Lewis posted on his blog, featuring Beat, Gum, Tab, and Professor K. In the blog post, which dates back to March of this year, Lewis writes that the game was being pitched and was supposed to be developed by Kuju Entertainment. Kuju’s London-based studio, which specializes in Wii development and is responsible for games such as Battalion Wars, recently changed its name to Headstrong Games and announced that it had an unknown SEGA title coming down the pipeline.

But from there things seemingly fall apart: “Unfortunately, the JGR pitch didn’t take,” Lewis wrote. Now there’s been no official word from anyone if the game is on or off, and all we have is some concept art to look at.