Feel the Rage

Many assumed this year’s QuakeCon would bringing some new info or footage from id Software’s hotly anticipated id Tech 5 showcase, Rage. Judging by the video above, they did not disappoint. The trailer shows some very intense scenes of both vehicular combat and face-to-face confrontations with unseemly adversaries.

The world of Rage is a very post-apocalyptic setting and most of the trailer takes place in a desert with only the various outposts that have sprung up to indicate that life still exists. We then cut to some very Mad Max-esque sequences with an overlordy type character getting the citizens all riled up. Perhaps the most interesting part is the vehicular combat sequences which can best be described as an even-better-looking Motorstorm plus machine guns. Sold. The one thing that the entire video shares is that it all looks rather stunning and id is sure to have gained even more support for their new engine.

Rage is slated to come out next year and, as was said during the QuakeCon keynote, may support cooperative play. So keep your fingers crossed and get ready to *maybe* shrare your Rage with a friend.