Godfather II releasing late’08/early’09

During an investor conference call a few days ago, EA CEO John Riccitiello let slip that the follow-up to The Godfather, released in 2006, would be in gamers’ hands sometime between late 2008 and early 2009, stating that the game would ship to retailers a few months after the November release of Valve’s zombie fest Left 4 Dead, which is shaping up to be a rather excellent game itself. The Godfather 2 will allow you to play at the street level ala GTA, or from a overhead view similar to that of an RTS, allowing you to control “the strategy of the boroughs so you can see what’s going on.”

What worked so well with the first game is that The Godfather took the open world of 1950’s New York and combined that with a surprisingly deep RPG mechanic that saw you leveling up everything from your character’s ability to lay the smack down with your fists to weapon upgrades that made them wicked powerful. This RPG element gave more incentive to play the game than just the desire to see what happens next which was the major flaw in GTA 4, for me at least, and where it could have taken a pointer or two from The Godfather. While the acting, music, and dialog is GTA 4 was incredible, the story was just ok, and offered very little incentive to actually beat the game. So as a person who truly adored The Godfather, I have very high hopes for the sequel.