id Software making big promises for Doom 4

Doom 4 is still far off. So far off in fact that project lead Tim Willits says “No, no. It’s way early” when asked if there’s anything tangible to see yet. But that doesn’t stop code god John Carmack and CEO Todd Hollenshead from hyping up the game in front of loyal followers at QuakeCon.

We’ve all seen Rage and how great it looks, but apparently that’s nothing when compared to what we can expect from Doom 4. “The next DOOM game will look like it’s built on another engine, as it uses three times the horsepower [that Rage does],” Carmack said during the keynote. He later added that by the time Doom 4 comes out, PCs will have left consoles in the dust, meaning that while the game will run at 30 fps on the consoles, it will run at 60 or more on a PC, and will look significantly better while doing it. As for any kind of proof of this visual power, we’re fresh out of luck.

“I can tell you there will be guns. I can tell you there will be blood. I can tell you there will be demons. I can tell you there will be gibs. In other words, I can tell you it’s going to be kickass, because it couldn’t be anything else right?,” said Hollenshead. And that, along with the bit that Doom 4’s multiplayer content will be more extensive than what we saw in Doom III, is all they’re saying for now. By the sounds of it, we’ll be lucky if we see anything at E3 next year, although Carmack did say the game will “not be another four-year development period.”

But the official release date is, of course, “when it’s done.”