Microsoft insists Xbox LIVE still requires fees

It looks like we’re still going to be paying that $50 a year for quite a while as Microsoft has confirmed to MCV that they will most definitely not be doing away with the current Xbox LIVE fees. Their recent move to allow Windows Vista gamers to enjoy their favorite Games for Windows LIVE for free had offered a glimmer of hope for console gamers everywhere that the fee would be dropped for Gold subscribers on the 360 as well. But of course, it was too good to be true, and now Microsoft has come forward to make it explicitly clear that gamers will still be expected to pony up every so often.

“With the new Xbox experience coming this Fall, we plan to give even more reasons why Xbox LIVE Gold is the best bargain in the industry,” a Microsoft spokesperson told MCV.

There you have it, everyone — keep saving up your nickels and dimes, because Microsoft is bombarding us with so much new content that it’s only logical for us to continue paying as penance. Of course, this doesn’t rule out plans for upgrading Silver accounts, now does it? Are you listening, Microsoft?