New screens and trailer for Wolfenstein

Nazi’s are evil. It’s not really an argument, it’s a fact. And because of this fact, Nazi’s make for some of the best bad guys in movies and videogames. Just look at the Indiana Jones series, we can all agree that the films featuring Nazis as enemies were the better ones. It’s just really easy to hate Nazis and that is just one of the reasons why the original Wolfenstein 3D was so awesome. The others had something to do with it being a shining example of what an FPS shooter should be (at least at the time) and the fact that id produced it.

Well they’re at it again along with Raven Studios, and it looks like some more Nazi killing fun is to be had on the PC, PS3 and 360. The trailer above, along with several new screenshots, was revealed at the QuakeCon 2008 press conference last night and shows off the game quite well with everything you would expect from a Wolfenstein game — shooting, killing, maming, shooting and more killing. You’ll notice that some of the screens show comparisons between the two dimensions that will be showing up in the game known as The Shroud. Also the occult and technology will be making appearances, which is great — if there’s anything that makes Nazis more evil it is the occult and technology. Again, I cite Indiana Jones. Really, I’m just hoping we get to battle the undead corpse of Hitler, that guy pisses me off.