Don’t count out the PSP just yet


The PSP is outselling PS3, Wii and DS in Japan, but we know it has had a rough time in the US and Europe. That might come to an end soon, with Sony releasing titles that evidently will make you say “wow” later this year.

According to John Koller, Sony’s Director of hardware marketing, third-party developers have not made an effort to use the PSP’s real potential. Instead, they have mostly released ports. “We’ve told developers to think about how they create the games,” Koller said in an interview with MTV Multiplayer. “Because the games they were creating were mostly ports and a lot of consumers were playing it at home and saying ‘well, I could play it on a screen like this or I could play it on a smaller screen.’”

Koller didn’t say when we could be expecting these new games, but apparently we don’t need to wait until next year’s E3. “Going towards the end of the year and going into 09 and beyond, we’re going to see a lot of very large franchise games come from third-parties,” he said. “They’re going to be a bit of a surprise, they’re going to be like ‘Wow, that’s coming to PSP?’”

So even though Sony is more focused on the PlayStation 3 this year, we shouldn’t count out the PSP. We have already been blessed with the release of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and other great games such as God of War and LEGO Indiana Jones – The Original Adventures. We’ll also be seeing The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion, and then, a visit to the town of nostalgia with Cannon Fodder.

Basically, it all comes down to the games that are produced. Sony can make excellent games for the PSP, but that isn’t enough. The DS is what it is because of what’s delivered by third-party developers, and the PSP needs to see the same thing. The question is, perhaps it’s too late? The PSP is an excellent machine, and those ‘wow-titles’ really need to be huge frickin’ wow-titles if the future PSP situation in the US and Europe will be the same as it is in Asia at the moment.