Immersion opens Mexican studio


Immersion Games has today announced that it is opening a brand new development studio in Mexico, two brand new game titles, and finally a cunning plan to consolidate as one of Latin America’s most important videogame developers and IP creators.

The new studio is based in the city of Guadalajara and began operations, starting with helping Immersion’s other studio in nearby Colombia handle the increased workload. The Mexico studio will eventually become the point of contact for clients and publishers and will benefit from a recent initiative passed by the Mexican government to support producers of interactive entertainment.

Right now Immersion is finishing off a new, as of yet unannounced and soon to be released FPS title that they’re “very proud of,” and are working on an arcade development that is currently in the design stage.

Latin America isn’t that often associated with the videogame industry, so we’re all hoping Immersion pull this one off and deliver some great games. Hopefully one day, when people think of Mexico and videogames, the only thing that springs instantly to mind WON’T just be crass racial stereotyping of Chili Con Carnage (sigh).