New Skate 2 trailer and developer walkthrough

As someone who remembers playing the original Tony Hawk game when it first landed on the PlayStation 1, I can safely say that skateboarding games have come a long way. That trend appears to be continuing, and the new videos of EA’s upcoming Skate 2 definitely speak to that fact. The first video is merely a trailer for the game that shows some very cinematic camera angles of what we assume is in-game footage and tricks. The engine looks a bit more polished than the original and sports the extremely varied urban areas as well as some more open spaces that look great for ground tricks.

The second video is a walkthrough with Associate Producer Chris Parry, who talks us through some gameplay while another member of the dev team plays the game off-screen. Parry, in addition to looking like someone out of Dogtown and Z-Boys, notes numerous things such as the emphasis on cinematic presentation this time around. He also showcases a couple of elements that appear fresh for the genre such as the insane downhill levels that they have created that will cause you to, in his words “go a lot faster” than you could in similar environments in the original Skate. Sounds fun. Check out the full walkthrough after the break.