Roger Avary still working on Wolfenstein movie script


We’ve recently discussed the shortcomings of game-based movies, pointing at the lack of adaption when games transform into different media. One videogame movie that received a slightly better response than others of the same sort was Silent Hill. The writer of that movie is named Roger Avary, and in an interview, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead says that Avary is still working on the movie adaption of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

The work on the movie was earlier postponed due to the writer’s strike, but Avery is now apparently working on Wolfenstein as his main project. “With the writer’s strike it took so long to get underway and Roger Avary, the writer, had a commitment that was in line before working the Wolfenstein stuff, but I’ve recently been in contact with Roger and he’s actually working on the script right now,” Hollenshead told Eurogamer.

It should be brought to attention that Roger Avery is quite a renowned writer, with accomplishments such as doing screenplay for Rules of Attraction and co-writing Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs together with Quentin Tarantino. Writing Wolfenstein is quite far from those earlier feats, but if you combine evil Nazis, ocultism and flamethrowers, a skilled writer can make those good conditions turn into something brilliant.

No information about storyline or actors have been released, and it seems as if Hollenshead and the rest of us will have to wait a bit longer to get the juicy lore from Avary himself. “But apart from that me kind of nagging on him ‘hey is it done yet, hey is it done yet?’ will probably just be annoying and then Rog won’t answer my emails any more. I would probably get the one-sentence email that says, ‘Do you realise I have an Academy Award?'” Hollenshead added.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein’s official release date is somewhere in 2010, and that’s about all we know. What do you think, will this movie be somewhat serious (think Where Eagles Dare meets Moonraker) or an orgy of flying limbs and brainless action?