Atlus is trying to Poison your PS2

PlayStation 2 owners in North America will be getting a treat with the latest import from Atlus titled Eternal Poison. Released in Japan as Poison Pink, Eternal Poison is a strategy RPG featuring a dark fantasy world full of demons and black magic wrapped up in a twisted fairytale drama.

Players take the role of five different parties as they quest into the demonic realm of Besek, which has suddenly appeared in the kingdom of Valdia. Some adventurers journey to rescue the Valdian princess, others for glory or revenge and still some for the ultimate treasure — the Eternal Poison, which is said to make your deepest desires a reality. Each decision made and path taken affects the story and ultimately the outcome of the game. Players must choose, but choose wisely because “as their tales unfold, you will discover the true meanings of romance, heroism, madness, despair and betrayal…”

The demons of Besek can be conquered or harnessed, including bosses. Players can choose to bind the demons and use them as summons to fight at their side. Bound demons can also be sacrificed for money or new spells.

Eternal Poison is being released as a special two-disc set and comes with a soundtrack CD featuring selected music from the game. This set is scheduled for release on November 11 for $39.99.