Blast Works targets price at just $19.99

Heads up shooter fans! Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy, Majesco’s new side scrolling shooter is now out exclusively on the Nintendo Wii for the budget title price of $19.99. Blast Works has already received attention and praise for its unusual game mechanic. Players can grab falling debris from destroyed ships and attach them on the fly to their own ships, making for some crazy creations and heavy firepower.

With its retro look (based on Kenta Cho’s popular online game Tumiki Fighters — also an in-game unlockable) some argue that Blast Works would be better suited as a downloadable title. However, this unique shooter has yet another twist going for it, a superb and fully customizable level/craft editor. Players can upload their creations via the Blast Works Depot website and share with others around the globe. For the creative and committed, or for those that just download others’ creations, this has the potential to provide almost limitless replayability.

Blast Works features 15 missions with huge boss battles, more unlockable games and supports up to 4 player cooperative play. Throw in the the customization abilities plus the network to share creations and this game should be well worth the price for shooter fans.