Gamescampus bets money Asda Story is fun, an online game publisher, is launching an open beta of the previously Korean and Japan-only MMORPG Asda Story today. This wouldn’t be much of a news story regularly, but Gamescampus is taking a highly unique and interesting marketing technique. The publisher is so confident in their product that if you play it the next 30 days, and don’t like it, you get $30. That’s not a refund, as the game is free to download and play, it is more of a compensation for lost time.

However, as you probably could have guessed, getting that 30 dollars isn’t as simple as setting up an account and filling out a form at the end of the beta requesting your free money. Since the money is being paid to gamers who weren’t satisfied with the title, you have to show that you actually gave Asda Story an honest chance by getting your character to level 40 by September 4. If after all that hard work, players don’t think the experience was worth their time, they can fill out a feedback form explaining why they didn’t like it, and then they get a PayPal deposit of $30.

It’s really a smart thing for Gamescampus to be doing, as we’re sure there will be some gamers in it for the money that turn out actually liking the game. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?  Sure, it will take a while to get to level 40, but how many chances does the average gamer get to say they get paid to play videogames?