Mega Man 9 to include intentional “bugs”

In order to give older gamers a true feeling of nostalgia, Capcom has decided to really go retro and include some of the nuances that gaming technology has eliminated over the years, but still remains a big part of those classic titles a lot of their charm.

I’m speaking, of course, about the many bugs that plagued Mega Man on his adventures throughout the NES era. The Blue Bomber not only had to deal with the nefarious deeds of Dr. Wily, but he also had to battle the very technology on which he was being displayed. You see, the NES had a problem displaying a large number of sprites on screen at once, and would often glitch, causing enemies to disappear or reappear at will.  Apparently Capcom feels this is just as big a part of Mega Man lore as anything else and will include and option for NES-style “bugs” in their upcoming new-retro edition, Mega Man 9.

The only thing they need to make this retro experience complete is the ability to reset the system by throwing your controller at it, ala NES. I wonder how well the Wii would take a whack from the Wii remote. Hmmm…