Nintendo has a sobering outlook on future online prospects

Despite the good news that Nintendo gets from monthly sales charts, there are some glaring issues that many fans of the company have had a hard time swallowing. Most of the issues lie with the Wii and are few glaring faults that seemingly don’t make a lot of sense to the average core gamer. A big area of concern has been Nintendo’s first foray into the world of online support for its systems. While they do an excellent job in some areas such as the Virtual Console and WiiWare, other areas are severely lacking when compared to the standards set by Xbox LIVE.

While talking in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata spoke on the company’s online future prospective saying, “If we can do something different that plays up our strengths – and broadens what a videogame constitutes – then we might do it. If we have no ideas, we’re not going to compete with the exact same services against companies like Sony, which has a movie studio, and Microsoft, which has a lot of money.”

Now that leaves what Nintendo could offer for the expansion of their online services up in the air, but knowing them and the way they do things, there’s got to be something up their secretive sleeves.