Pioneer live up to their name with 500GB Blu-ray disc


Not one month after the geniuses at Pioneer developed a 16 layer, 400GB disc with the potential for Blu-ray compatibility in the near future have they outdone themselves and gone one better. The new disc, with an incredible 25 layers, can hold up to half a terabyte worth of data (that’s 500 gig ones… get it?).

“While Blu-ray discs, offering both 25GB and 50GB, are sufficient for users’ current demands, we envision the need for a technology that can support far greater capacities as HD streaming in particular becomes commonplace and users build larger files of digital content,” said Brendan Sheridan, Multimedia Division Product Manager at Pioneer.

With all the hoo-har surrounding Metal Gear Solid 4 having some difficulty fitting onto the 50GB Blu-ray some have been questioning the integrity of the format.

“The multi-layered method is compatible with Blu-ray devices providing a long term future for the technology and is more easily produced when compared to competing technologies such as holographic storage,” Sheridan added.