Red Faction: Guerrilla looking mighty fine

PC gamers will probably more familiar with the Red Faction name than anyone else, but Volition’s new title in the series is betting on making a splash in the console market as well. Titled Red Faction: Guerrilla, the game features what appears to be one of the most frantic and fast-paced multiplayer modes this side of Unreal Tournament 3 (by the way, why doesn’t anyone play this anymore?).

The videos show some pretty intense firefights, plenty of explosions and… jetpacks! That’s right, jet packs appear to be a huge part of the gameplay this time around, which is sure to delight gamers the world over. The graphics look stunning and the fire effects are extremely impressive.  The video footage is taken from the beta testing of the game, and the framerate and animations already appear to be silky smooth. Check out more of the videos by hitting the jump.