Sony: Our competitors are looking quite dated

The PS3 has been on a good run lately. Last month saw continued strong sales of the system that came with the release Metal Gear Solid 4 and the future is bringing LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2 and BioShock to name a few. Then on top of all that you add the fact that the PS3 has seen a steady increase of sales which has led to it outsetting its closest competition in the Xbox 360, expanded firmware allowing trophies, and everything is definitely on the up and up for Sony.

Along with accomplishments comes confidence, and Sony’s been really confident as of late with different execs within the company voicing their varied opinions on why the system will in fact rise to the challenge and come out on top. The latest is from an E3 interview with SCEA Vice President of Product Marketing Scott Steinberg who said their competition is “long in the tooth” and “looking quite dated” graphically.

“Ten years – it goes back to our mantra of ten years. Technology that’s associated with the PlayStation has to have future-proof qualities to it. I think that we’re seeing, graphically, PS3 games starting to create some distance and some of the other competitors are going to feel that they’re getting long in the tooth, looking quite dated, because they haven’t created that ten-year vision from a horsepower standpoint,” Steinberg said.

He doesn’t explicitly mention any names, but chances are he’s talking about the Wii right? I mean, he can’t really be calling the Xbox 360 graphics and tech ‘dated’ or ‘long in the tooth’ can he?