Microsoft WILL fight for Europe

During their Gamefest UK keynote, Microsoft’s VP of strategic marketing and Xbox LIVE David Gosen made it clear that Microsoft is ready fight for market dominance in Europe. And they plan on doing that by spreading around what Microsoft has most – money. “We’re investing to win in Europe,” Gosen declared.

“We can do better and we’re incredibly well-placed to drive success in the region. We’ve got to make sure we tailor our resource needs to the games we are making.”

The investments include more support for Xbox LIVE Marketplace and LIVE Arcade content deals, along with more financial backing for both internal and external studios. Microsoft has also appointed two new developer account managers dedicated to Europe, something they didn’t have before, to “really work hand in glove with developers across the whole suite of different size and shape companies in the territory today.”

Near the end of the keynote, the company’s E3 party line — “We WILL outsell the PlayStation 3” — was displayed once again with Gosen reiterating, “We’re going to invest in this region to ensure we win.”

I think they’re serious.