Boom Blox possibly going multiplatform

You may remember the announcement that Boom Blox sold over 450,000 copies, causing it to be officially “commercially successful”. However, it now appears that that’s not quite successful to keep it a Wii exclusive. During an interview with MTV Multiplayer, EA CEO John Riccitiello was asked about the possibility of a Boom Blox port to other systems. “Frankly, its original design was all about the control of the [Wii] wand. But there are other ways to implement that. It is a hugely innovative product. I expect you’ll see it on other platforms in time”, he said.

We certainly want as many gamers to get a chance to play innovative games such as Boom Blox, and we know EA was expecting the game to be a bigger success, what with having names like Steven Spielberg being involved. But with the game being designed around the Wii remote, it’s unclear how well the platform transition to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 would work. However, knowing EA, they’ll find a way. Stay tuned for an official word on Boom Blox ports.