Dead Space cosplay rocks my pants


There was a whole lot of awesome going on at EA’s Dead Space Community Day (stay tuned for more goodness from the event tomorrow). I mean the first night was spent watching a horror movie double header of Evil Dead 2 (greatest move ever) and Sunshine (meh). But possibly the coolest thing, aside from the game itself, wasn’t even a part of marketing the game to us, it was just something one really passionate developer on the game did. Chuck Beaver is a producer for the game, but he’s also a bit of a cosplayer, so on his own free time he put together a truly amazing Isaac cosplay. With some outside help for the armor and many long weekends of stitching and designing he was able to create an impressively convincing Isaac costume.

You can see the Plasma Cutter (designed and put together by a coworker) in my hands below and the bad ass helmet that he had made above in his, with the full costume in the background. The face even lights up just like Isaac’s. It was really impressive and speaks to how passionate everyone seemed about the game at EA. Beaver did the entire outfit, which looks incredible, on his own time and on his own penny just because he liked the character so much. Sadly, the poor fellow who wore the outfit couldn’t see or hear anything while he was in there, thus causing anyone who talked to him to think he was a total dick since he wouldn’t say anything in response to their compliments. The sacrifices people make to look bad ass.

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