Eye Candy Recap / August 7

Alrighty, so our Eye Candy Recap feature hasn’t turned out to be as regular as initially planned. For reasons far too boring to go into, I haven’t stayed on top of all the released eye candy, but, that will change now. Both my eye balls will be set tightly on new releases and you’ll be seeing these little recap posts far more often than once per week from now on, promise. Double promise even. So let’s get to it and have a look at what our Image Galleries were updated with yesterday and today.

The most notable screens in this update are perhaps the ones from Codemasters’ Damnation, or ‘shooter gone vertical’ as they like to call it. Most of the screenshots released of this title so far showed that the game had rather impressive visuals, but these new ones just look surprisingly bad in comparison. Hopefully this is that rare case of “oops, sent out Alpha shots by accident,” as these shots just fail to impress.

Blitz: The League II2 new additions
Damnation5 new additions
Fable 22 new additions
FaceBreaker10 new additions
Infinite Undiscovery29 new additions
Shaun White Snowboarding20 new additions
Skate 26 new additions
Too Human6 new additions