Soul Calibur 4 KO’s the fighting genre

We all know by now that Soul Calibur 4 is one hell of a game. What some of us (myself included) didn’t count on was that it would sell at a level equal to its quality. You see, an extremely well-made title does not always equal high sales, especially when games like Iron Man for the PS2 are taking up spots on the top 10.

Soul Calibur 4, however, managed to break through the mire and stake it’s claim as the premiere fighting genre of this generation. Since its release on July 29th, Namco’s brawler has sold a total of 2 million copies worldwide. That would be a pretty impressive number of copies shipped, much less sold, and sold is exactly what Namco is telling us.

It would appear that gamers the world over have been thursting for a decent fighting game and it looks like Namco has offered up quite the banquet. *New Challenger Approaches* This might get bloody…