The PC gets its own Nunchuks from Asus

Here’s a Wii Nunchuk “clone” that’s not coming from Microsoft or Sony. Asus showed their Eee Stick, a Wii-like motion controller at the Computex 2008 earlier this spring, but has now released an official press release on the subject.

Just like the Wii controllers, the Eee stick translates your hand motions into corresponding movements on the screen. The only difference is that this time, it’s for the PC. This works because of a 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency dongle that detects 8-way 3D motions. The controllers have a range of 10 meters and do not require any specific placement or direction, meaning they respond even when they’re not pointed towards the dongle (i.e. you can lie on your belly with your head pointing the opposite direction from your PC screen and still slay monsters.)

What’s cool is that even though the controllers are vibration-capable, the two sticks will last 72 hours of continuous chopping/driving/golfing etc. on two AA batteries per stick. Players looking to replay their favorite games using the Eee Sticks will be disappointed though, since the controllers will be bundled exclusively with certain models of the Eee PC and the Eee Box, along with a variety of games developed – or adapted – solely for the Eee sticks.

Question is, could we perhaps this time be expecting a lawsuit from Nintendo?