Blitz: The League II drafts Frank Caliendo and Jay Mohr

It’s almost time to put the smack down again with Blitz: The League II headed to the Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 this Fall. What better way to get sports fans and brag hounds excited than for Midway to announce new details about the game?

Lawrence Taylor will be returning to grace the cover and reprise his role as Quentin Sands, the star linebacker for the New York Nightmare. This Blitz will feature Precision-Aim tackling, player-controlled touchdown celebrations, online multiplayer, expanded rosters with all-new personalities, Blitz corner stone Late Hits (of course) and an enhanced on-the-field Clash Mode.

The new story mode has been created by Peter Egan, scriptwriter for ESPN’s edgy Playmaker series. Also new to the series are Frank Caliendo, master impressionist and host of Frank TV, and Jay Mohr, former host of Last Comic Standing and perhaps most well knows as the prick sports agent in the movie Jerry Maguire, who will be lending their stellar voice talents. Caliendo will be playing a prison warden, the offensive line coordinator and the color commentator. Mohr logically will star as The Agent (probably still a prick).

Blitz: The League II looks to be everything American Football fans want, but an NFL licensed game can’t or won’t give. Gameplay will be violent as ever and players will still have to choose between benching injured players or juicing them up. The only disappointing news to come out of this is that Frank Caliendo will not be able to impersonate John Madden, which would give Madden ’08 a proper smack in the face. Those two may be friends and work together, but Blitz is about POOR sportsmanship, hard hitting and the last laugh.