EA will make things right with Favre, Packers taking notes

Well that didn’t take long. Less than 24 hours after Favre’s decision to head to the Big Apple went final, EA has taken it upon themselves to reassure everyone that a roster update will be available on launch day, as it is every year, but also that there will be a brand new cover available shortly to give your copy of Madden a distinctly 2008 a feel.

The new cover will presumably be simliar to the current one, with just a little more Jets and a little less Packers. It’s a shame, it really is, because of all the Madden titles I think I like the current one the best of all. And that’s totally not because I’ve been a Packer fan since birth, surely that can’t be it. However, I certainly respect EA’s lust for factual accuracy. After all, if it’s in the game… it’s in the game.