Car bombings blamed on Grand Theft Auto


Remember the 19-year old kid from Thailand that stabbed a taxi driver to death, blaming it on Grand Theft Auto IV? Now, three even younger teens have been busy bombing cars using Molotov Cocktails in the city of Milton, north of Atlanta. Of course, they learned how to create the bombs playing Grand Theft Auto.

Officials said the teens — ages 15 and 16 — have been charged with 57 (!) felony counts in connection with the bombings. Some of the cars were parked outside the owners’ homes, and the rest were in the Fairmont subdivision on Keyingham Way just off Highway 9.

Police said they found receipts and surveillance tapes showing the boys buying Sprite bottles, red rags and a lighter. You don’t learn how to make Molotov Cocktails, much less throwing them, in Grand Theft Auto. It’s a bottle with alcohol set on fire using a rag, not brain surgery. They could just as easily have learned it from one of the thousands of movies out there including Molotov Cocktails, or why not the game Mafia: City of Lost Heaven which for some reason don’t get blamed for this kind of stuff?

Hopefully, the Police and the public will start to see these things for what they really are – a desperate attempt to put the blame on someone or something else. Time to take responsibility for your actions, kids! Perhaps a good idea is to take a trip to the library if you can’t control yourself after playing videogames? Oh wait, I take that back..