New LittleBigPlanet site launches

Those of you who are anxiously awaiting a new reason to boot up your PS3… will have to continue to wait. However, those of you who were awaiting a new website that revolves AROUND what will surely be a new reason to boot up your PS3, you’re in luck! A brand new community and news site has just launched for LittleBigPlanet that is sure to make you even more distraught that the game isn’t yet on store shelves.

At the moment the site offers little in the way of new info about the game, but promises to becoming a huge part of the LBP experience when the game does, inevitably, launch. At the moment, the most interesting thing about the site may be the logo contest they having going on. You can download the LBP logo template and take a crack at designing a super-cool logo. No mention of a prize for the winners, but it’s hard to believe the LittleBigPlanet crew would keep you waiting…er, um, yeah nevermind.