Activision talks CoD 6, ‘reinvented’ Tony Hawk, more

Activision is gearing up to give gamers a healthy serving of games with Call of Duty World at War taking the helm as one of their highly anticipated games for the holiday season, along with Guitar Hero World Tour.  But many who felt that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare set a new benchmark not just for the series but for FPS’s in general were already looking ahead to Call of Duty 6.  With Activision alternating developers between games, and Infinity Ward saying that they were working on a new sci-fi shooter, many were left scratching their heads.

In an earnings call with investors, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has now confirmed Call of Duty 6, which is indeed developed by Infinity Ward and is set for a 2009 release, but didn’t disclose further details.

As for next year things are looking fairly solid for the company, Kotick spoke of several games that should whet their fans’ appetites including new Guitar Hero SKUs, a completely reinvented Tony Hawk, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 as well as games based on upcoming blockbuster movies Transformers 2, Wolverine and Ice Age.