And the glitch comes in the NIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTTT!!!!


We all hate glitches in games. Most of the time they pop up in underwhelming pieces of crap that make the player wonder why they’re playing it in the first place, so when that happens it isn’t so bad because the game sucks anyway. However, when the game is enjoyable overall and well made to boot, a glitch stands out like a red headed step child. So you can imagine my shock and horror when Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People froze on me three times in a row at the exact same spot. After downloading the game to my Wii and tearing through it, I encountered a moment where the game just stopped, forcing me to red light my Wii, a status I hate seeing my white box of waggle in.

Thankfully the Interenet exists and I knew through clever use of my Matlocking skills I could see if this was happening to anyone else. I jumped over to the Telltale game forums and found out that other people had been having the same problem. They also revealed the solution: switch the Wii out of widescreen and back to standard. It does work, but I shouldn’t have to do it. This seems like a pretty major glitch from a gaming company that I had always thought delivered well tested and put together games, which is what Strong Bad seems to be except for this error. So if you’re having the problem, you’ll just have to put up with some black bars on the side of your screen and suffer through. That’s what Telltale suggests you do.