Apple blasted for releasing knife game

The Sun, which is a paper I’m proud to say does not appear in the U.S., has released an article on a knife “game” for the iPhone called Slasher. In it they say the game is being called out for simulating a knife motion while playing the theme from Psycho. I can understand the problem there, it’s not very child friendly and it’s hands down a stupid little application. The Sun though takes it a step further, loosely connecting the iPhone “game” with a recent spate of stabbings in the UK and repeatedly using the word sickening in what I assume is supposed to be a news report. Real professional journalism there guys. Bravo. How about next time you actually site sources that aren’t the guy sitting next to you?

Evidently the game has been taken down since then, but The Sun can’t stop from taking another jab at Apple and telling them how evil they are for letting the game out in the first place. This is some seriously piss poor writing by the tabloid and if I didn’t know any better I’d assume they made up the whole issue themselves. I’m not defending the game, it is a bit idiotic, but come on. How much do you have to fear videogames to make a bid deal out of this?